U.Form, with its legal and operational headquarters in Castellato (TE), was created with the aim of producing parts for the automotive sector with a hot forging process. The U.Form is an integral part of the strategic development plan of two industrial groups Susta - Tiberina. The engineering bases of the Hot Forming process are directly linked to the technical and engineering skills that companies such as Susta and Tiberina provide to the largest European car manufacturers through the construction and sale of molding equipment for the production of steel parts made with technology Hot Forming.

Starting from this important technological base and adding it to the industrial mission of the holding, in 2012 the new plant was built in self-financing. U.Form S.r.l. is committed to being a leader in the field of hot stamping of sheet metal for industrial applications and especially for motor vehicles.

Who turns to U. Form S.r.l. can count on a partner able to offer all its experience and expertise for the production of finished and semi-finished products.

WCM - World Class Manufacturing

World Class Manufacturing, WCM in short, today represents the acronym with which the most important manufacturers of world goods and services qualify, which intend to control and reduce production costs in a systematic manner by applying referable and objectifying methodologies.


FCA - EMEA Annual Supplier Conference 2020

U-Form has been recognized for demonstrating a strong and innovative technological approach in the "hot stamping process". U-Form stood out in Body Stamping for the partnership approach shown in the development phase of the new Compass and 500BEV launches.