U.form Srl intends to enhance aspects that distinguish it such as: flexibility, the ability to listen to the market and respond to the needs of its customers, the loyalty of a team of collaborators who are strongly integrated into the corporate culture, the enhancement of human resources and of the Environment which contributes to the continuous improvement of the entire Environment Quality Management System.

With the introduction of the formalized, documented, updated and continuously improved Quality Environment Management System, the management of U.form Srl intends:

  • Identify all the rules and requirements applicable to its system and environmental aspects and operate in full compliance with the laws, regulations in force and any commitments signed in the field of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health;
  • Raise awareness of all company staff on the importance of quality, respect for the environment and the health and safety of workers and the entire community, actively involving them in their policy, objectives and activities;
  • Implement the procedures so that the quality level can be constantly and systematically improved, through the commitment of the Management and all staff;
  • Demonstrate that all the processes, which make up the entire company activity, are in line with the company decisions and objectives deriving from the Quality & Environment policy and WCM methodology in compliance with continuous improvement to protect the safety and health of workers;
  • Continuously monitor and reduce environmental impacts and risk situations for the health and safety of workers, prevent pollution, machinery and more also in relation to the environmental impact and the consequent safety of workers; in particular, it undertakes to specifically control waste and the risks to the safety and health of workers;
  • Manage and prevent the emergency situation in the safety-environmental field, in order to limit as much as possible any damage in the environment or for the safety of workers

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