Our main objective is the consolidation of the Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the IATF 16949 Specification, the ISO 14001 standard.

At U.form, aware of facing a demanding market in terms of product quality, we intend to pursue the improvement of our results by resorting to the concept of prevention. This strategy involves all the resources of the organization based on specific objectives aimed at:

  • Commit to comply with the requirements of the Quality and Environmental Management System
  • Strive to guarantee and continually improve a management system that protects the safety and health of workers
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the system itself
    Guarantee the maximum satisfaction of customers' expectations in terms of product quality, service rendered, adequate price
  • Prevail against market competition with valuable overall results
  • Making the company structure lean, dynamic and flexible to market changes
  • Involve suppliers and stakeholders in order to achieve common goals
  • Enhance the proactive participation of staff


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